BiQ’s Revolutionary SEO Suite Features Four Upgraded Core Modules for Unrivaled SEO Ranking

BiQ, the revolutionary company behind SEO Suite, made some key upgrades to the functionality of its four core modules recently. With the new and improved capabilities to its Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Intelligence and Rank Tracking abilities, users of the comprehensive suite of SEO tools can now leverage on the upgraded features to vastly improve their marketing and SEO efforts. Additionally, the “My Collections” feature was also introduced as part of the upgrades to its suite.

According to a spokesperson at the company, the company is constantly evolving and innovating new solutions and products for their users with the goal of making them better at SEO. Elaborating further on the “My Collections” feature, the spokesperson said that it is identical to the ‘Want List’ that enables users to add all of the specific data that they want tracked. What’s more, it provides instant access to any of the saved data at any moment. Thus, this new approach will give users the benefit of being able to be more efficient timewise by not having to do a new search all over again from scratch.

In the newly upgraded Content Intelligence feature, users are now able to leverage on the artificial intelligence-enabled guidance and in-depth analysis of multiple intelligence sources to further refine and perfect their content strategy. The module is capable of analyzing 25 critical ranking factors, such as link density and content readability, to provide users an enterprise-level assessment of their site’s strengths and weaknesses. BiQ’s line-by-line analysis is also capable of handling large volumes of text to offer precise insights into a paragraph’s SEO value for purposes of modification, deletion or optimization.

The Keyword Intelligence module now offers keyword intent analysis whereby users are now able to decipher their target audience’s behavior and intentions via a rule-based machine learning algorithm that can gauge the real intention behind each keyword. By understanding their audience’s intent, users are better informed to develop content with the right keywords that resonates with their audience and hence maintain their interest.

BiQ’s upgraded Rank Intelligence module features a site deep neural analysis that helps users to uncover entirely new keywords that they would otherwise have not known about to boost their optimization and achieve higher ranking. Besides uncovering ranking keywords that users may not have known of, the improved Rank Intelligence module also helps their users to discover their hidden ranking potential by letting them know of keywords and associated pages that they can optimize on for ranking.

The upgraded Rank Tracking module provides users accurate and unbiased insights on their website’s standing. Crucially, the module also provides critical insights into their competitors’ ranking as well. BiQ enables their users to determine how their competitors are ranking for their target keywords, and will also alert them of their competitors’ keywords that have featured snippets so they can hijack their competitors’ position zero, so to speak, and use them to improve their own ranking. Additionally, BiQ will also notify users of any new or lost position zero so they can leverage on this information to optimize their ranking.

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