Gong, a pioneer in revenue intelligence software, discreetly announced last Thursday that its AI technology is revolutionizing how enterprise sales teams operate, leading to significant enhancements in productivity and revenue expansion. The company disclosed findings from a comprehensive analysis by Gong’s research team, which scrutinized over a million sales opportunities…Continue Reading

The recent enhancement to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, enabling users to upload PDFs and make inquiries about their content, has reverberated throughout the startup ecosystem. This development represents a notable, if somewhat predictable, challenge for numerous companies, particularly those known as “wrapper startups” that have structured their businesses around a specific gap…Continue Reading

Databricks has announced its acquisition of Arcion, an enterprise data company, in a deal valued at approximately $100 million, including performance-based incentives. CEO Ali Ghodsi shared this information with CNBC prior to the official announcement scheduled for Monday. Databricks primarily offers a data analytics tool driven by deep learning, an…Continue Reading

Highlight, a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to enhancing web application observability for enterprises, has proudly unveiled its flagship product to the public. This innovative offering is an open-source monitoring platform that consolidates a comprehensive view of an application’s entire stack and the associated issues into a single, easily accessible location….Continue Reading

Stoke Space made an announcement on Thursday that it successfully secured $100 million in funding, marking a significant step forward in the Kent, Washington-based company’s pursuit of developing a new generation of fully reusable rockets with the goal of reaching orbit by 2025. CEO Andy Lapsa expressed his enthusiasm in…Continue Reading

Explorium, a Tel Aviv-based startup, has unveiled its achievement of raising a total of $19 million in funding through various rounds. Notably, Emerge and F2 Capital contributed $3.6 million in a seed round, while Zeev Ventures led a $15.5 million series A round. This significant capital infusion comes on the…Continue Reading

Seattle-based food tech firm Rebellyous Foods has secured $9.5 million in fresh funding, earmarked for the deployment of its latest plant-based meat production machinery. Established in 2017 by former Boeing engineer Christie Lagally, Rebellyous specializes in crafting a diverse range of plant-based chicken alternatives, including nuggets, patties, and tenders. Lagally…Continue Reading

CloudEats is a Philippines-based food and beverages services startup that operates the country’s largest cloud kitchen, serving more than three thousand customers daily with their hot, freshly cooked and affordable meals. The cloud kitchen startup only recently established itself in the middle of 2019, but already has its sights set…Continue Reading

Indonesia-based Halodoc, an aspiring unicorn healthtech startup, along with regional unicorn superapp Gojek, recently collaborated together with Indonesia’s Mitra Keluarga Hospital and Kemayoran Complex Management Center (PPKK) to initiate free massive rapid covid-19 testing for the inhabitants of the city of Jakarta that will run from early to mid April…Continue Reading


Amidst the contagious COVID-19 pandemic, several tech startups from around the world have stepped up to contribute their efforts to battle the novel coronavirus outbreak. One such deep tech startup is Indonesia-based Nusantics, which specializes in the field of genomics. The innovative startup, which is backed by East Ventures, a…Continue Reading