BiQ, the revolutionary company behind SEO Suite, made some key upgrades to the functionality of its four core modules recently. With the new and improved capabilities to its Keyword Intelligence, Content Intelligence, Rank Intelligence and Rank Tracking abilities, users of the comprehensive suite of SEO tools can now leverage on…Continue Reading

Inhabitants of the humid and tropical regions of Southeast Asia would be quite familiar with the Aedes mosquito, a pest that is capable of spreading several dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, Zika fever, Mayaro, chikungunya and other disease agents. According to statistics, every year between 50 and 528 million…Continue Reading

When it comes to educating the young, one of the challenges is in finding the right format that can continually sustain their focus and motivation to keep on learning. If the curriculum is too difficult, they will quickly become overwhelmed and lag behind as a result. On the other hand,…Continue Reading

Avetics Global, a Singapore-based startup that provides end-to-end customized drone services for industry players and businesses, announced recently that it had successfully procured certification for conducting inspections and surveys utilizing remote inspection techniques (RIT) from Lloyd’s Register, a maritime classification society that ensures the quality construction and operation of critical…Continue Reading

Thailand’s excise department is currently collaborating with Krungthai Bank (KTB) to establish a blockchain-based tax refund system that will streamline the entire process while helping the department to combat value-added tax (VAT) evasion, which is currently difficult to monitor and prevent due to the legacy paper-based documentation system. The tax…Continue Reading

At the recently-held Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA) made the announcement that they had combined forces with Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator, to launch the first ever official Tezos blockchain training program in Southeast Asia to train and support blockchain developers creating applications and solutions…Continue Reading

Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first blockchain accelerator to receive government support and backing, recently formed a partnership with IOV Labs – formerly known as RIF Labs – an Argentina-based technology company that developed RSK, the world’s first bitcoin secured smart contract platform, and its complementary peer-to-peer solutions platform RSK Infrastructure Framework…Continue Reading

SBI Ripple Asia recently announced that they had formed a partnership with SBI Remit along with Vietnamese bank Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank to launch a blockchain-powered remittance service between the countries of Vietnam and Japan. The money transfer service will be the first such venture between both countries…Continue Reading