In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, a new name is making waves: Prowler. Initially conceived as an open-source project by former Amazon Web Services (AWS) security engineer Toni de la Fuente in 2016, Prowler has now secured $6 million in seed funding, signaling a significant milestone in its journey towards…Continue Reading

Gong, a pioneer in revenue intelligence software, discreetly announced last Thursday that its AI technology is revolutionizing how enterprise sales teams operate, leading to significant enhancements in productivity and revenue expansion. The company disclosed findings from a comprehensive analysis by Gong’s research team, which scrutinized over a million sales opportunities…Continue Reading

Google has introduced a new set of comprehensive measures aimed at regulating the activities of bulk email senders within Gmail. These updated rules, previously known as the bulk sender guidelines, represent a major step forward in improving email security and user experience for Gmail users. Understanding bulk senders: The criteria…Continue Reading

OpenAI recently unveiled a significant update to its flagship ChatGPT application, introducing a persistent memory feature. This new capability is gradually being made available to select users of the free version and the premium ChatGPT Plus service, priced at $20 monthly. With this enhancement, ChatGPT can now retain information shared…Continue Reading

The residential solar sector has experienced setbacks due to its rapid growth. Nationwide, homeowners have eagerly installed solar panels to benefit from favorable net metering policies, leading to significant changes in energy production patterns. This shift has particularly impacted power companies, which have faced reduced demand during traditionally profitable hours….Continue Reading

Language models have become indispensable for a range of applications, from summarizing texts and translating languages to answering queries and crafting essays. However, their development and operation come with hefty price tags, particularly for tasks demanding high precision and swift responses within niche sectors. Apple’s recent advancements in AI research…Continue Reading

Plex, a media streaming company, recently secured new funding. Initially a media organization startup, Plex has evolved into a comprehensive media platform offering ad-supported streaming, which significantly contributes to its revenue growth. The latest funding round, although initially rumored to be larger than Plex’s previous $50 million round, is confirmed…Continue Reading

Rebellions, an innovative AI chip startup based in South Korea, recently announced the successful closure of a $124 million Series B funding round, surpassing its initial $90 million target. This funding will support the development of their third AI chip, Rebel, and boost the production of Atom, a chip designed…Continue Reading