Today, Google made an announcement regarding the extension of automatic update support for Chromebooks. Specifically, they revealed that for devices released from 2019 onwards, the duration of automatic updates is being prolonged from 8 years to 10 years. This decision comes in response to growing concerns expressed by consumers, educational…Continue Reading

Google places significant emphasis on its collaboration with iFixit and the accessibility of replacement components for its range of products. However, one particular Google product, the Pixel Watch, appears to lack repairability. Several Pixel Watch users have reported issues, such as cracked glass, with no clear solutions. The Verge investigated…Continue Reading

Deduce, the pioneering technology platform uniquely engineered to thwart AI-generated identity fraud, has today unveiled $9 million in funding. This funding round is spearheaded by Freestyle Capital, with further investments from Foundry and True Ventures. These financial resources will propel Deduce’s GenAI Identity fraud solution out of stealth mode and…Continue Reading

Adobe, the renowned software powerhouse responsible for industry-leading applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, has unveiled a groundbreaking shift in its creative software landscape. Today’s announcement underscores Adobe’s commitment to incorporating artificial intelligence into its Creative Cloud suite, demonstrating the company’s confidence in its ability to safeguard enterprise interests….Continue Reading

The UK government has unveiled plans to construct a cutting-edge supercomputer with a budget of £900 million (equivalent to US$1.1 billion). This supercomputer, named Isambard-3 in honor of the 19th-century British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is slated for installation later this year at the National Composites Centre in Bristol. Bristol…Continue Reading

JBL takes immense pride in its latest Authentics speaker range. The source of this pride stems from multiple aspects: firstly, the nostalgic design that pays homage to the iconic L-100 speakers of the 1970s; secondly, the unequivocal sound quality; and finally, the comprehensive support for various streaming services and cutting-edge…Continue Reading

LOT-ART has introduced a cutting-edge platform tailored for discerning fine art investors and collectors. This platform goes beyond merely evaluating the artistic, cultural, and historical significance of fine art; it delves into the monetary aspects, including potential liquidity, profitability, and price volatility. This innovative venture was established by a diverse…Continue Reading