Prowler secures $6 million in seed funding to expand its leading open-source cloud security platform.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, a new name is making waves: Prowler. Initially conceived as an open-source project by former Amazon Web Services (AWS) security engineer Toni de la Fuente in 2016, Prowler has now secured $6 million in seed funding, signaling a significant milestone in its journey towards redefining cloud security. Led by Decibel VC, this funding will fuel the expansion of Prowler’s managed service offerings, promising a paradigm shift in how companies approach cloud security.

Unveiling Prowler: Prowler, initially known among Spider-Man aficionados, has morphed into a formidable force in the realm of cybersecurity. However, instead of battling villains, Prowler stands as a beacon of defense against cyber threats in the cloud. Developed with a vision to empower organizations with tailored security solutions, Prowler has garnered widespread adoption, boasting over 6 million downloads to date. Its user base includes tech titans like AWS, Salesforce, Siemens, Tesla, and IBM, cementing its reputation as a go-to solution for securing cloud infrastructure.

The Essence of Prowler: At the heart of Prowler lies its robust Python code stack, meticulously crafted to cater to the evolving needs of security teams. With an arsenal of over 300 controls spanning various security frameworks such as CIS, PCI-DSS, and GDPR, Prowler offers unparalleled flexibility and customization. Compatible with major cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, Prowler simplifies deployment across multiple accounts, enabling continuous monitoring and swift execution. Its recent infusion of funding paves the way for enhanced features and advancements throughout 2024.

Key Features of Prowler:

  • Over 300 controls across multiple security frameworks
  • Compatibility with major cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes
  • Simplified deployment process across multiple accounts
  • Continuous monitoring and rapid execution
  • Personalized support and integrations

The Rise of Prowler: In a landscape dominated by commercial offerings, Prowler’s ascent marks a shift in power dynamics within organizations. With cloud environments becoming increasingly complex and the demand for robust security solutions surging, security engineers are emerging as key decision-makers. Prowler’s open-source approach resonates with these engineers, offering unparalleled transparency and control over their security posture. Its popularity among security professionals stems from its ability to adapt and evolve swiftly, outpacing traditional commercial solutions in agility and efficacy.

Prowler’s Pricing Model: Unlike conventional pricing models based on user counts, Prowler adopts a unique approach, charging based on the size of the customer’s cloud environment. This pricing strategy ensures affordability and accessibility for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), making robust cloud security within reach for all.

Decibel VC’s Endorsement: For Decibel VC, backing Prowler signifies a strategic investment in innovation and disruption within the cybersecurity landscape. Drawing upon founding partner Jon Sakoda’s extensive experience in cybersecurity, Decibel VC recognizes the inherent limitations of traditional, one-size-fits-all security solutions. Prowler’s ability to cater to the unique needs of each organization aligns with Decibel VC’s vision of fostering tailored solutions for dynamic cloud environments.

Prowler’s Commercial Evolution: While Prowler’s success as an open-source project is undeniable, its foray into commercial offerings marks a significant milestone in its evolution. By augmenting its free community offering with paid managed services, Prowler aims to cater to the diverse needs of larger organizations. The decision to venture into commercial territory reflects Prowler’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring continued growth and scalability in the competitive cybersecurity landscape.

Conclusion: As Prowler charts its course towards commercial success, it remains steadfast in its commitment to the open-source community. With a robust foundation built on transparency, collaboration, and innovation, Prowler is poised to redefine cloud security for years to come. As organizations navigate the complexities of the digital age, Prowler stands as a beacon of reliability and resilience, empowering them to safeguard their most critical assets in an ever-changing threat landscape