OpenAI, the pioneering AI startup responsible for ChatGPT, has unveiled its newly appointed board of directors following a tumultuous two-week period. During this time, co-founder Sam Altman was abruptly fired and then reinstated as CEO, sending shockwaves through the AI industry and prompting a near-mass departure of employees. Additionally, OpenAI…Continue Reading

In 2022, our previous coverage of Anonybit introduced the New York and Tel Aviv-based biometric security startup. At that time, they had recently emerged from stealth mode with a funding round of $3.5 million, promising to provide advanced security for enterprises’ employee biometric data. Their approach involved breaking this data…Continue Reading

In a collaborative effort between the Life Science Washington Institute and the Washington State Department of Commerce, a grant program provided $25,000 grants to 20 early-stage life sciences startups in Washington. This initiative, funded by money reinvested from the state’s Life Sciences Discovery Fund, aims to nurture the next generation…Continue Reading

For the region of Southeast Asia, tourism is a major pillar that supports the livelihoods of many of its people and inhabitants. As the progress of technology inevitably marches on, many enterprising businesses and individuals have taken advantage of the latest developments to advance the tourism sector in their countries….Continue Reading