Meet, the Indonesia-based Conversational AI Startup That’s Making an Impact in Southeast Asia’s Artificial Intelligence Space is an Indonesia-based conversational artificial intelligence (AI) startup that empowers businesses and organizations to create their very own smart virtual assistants powered by the company’s natural language processing (NLP) engine that can help them to build better brand engagement and marketing campaigns, improve customer service and enhance overall sales performance. One of the startup’s stated goals is to make smart technology such as conversational AI easily available to all companies and businesses across Indonesia, spanning multiple industries including retail, banking and finance, telecommunications and more.’s flagship product, the Kata Platform, is a powerful tool that enables corporations and businesses to intuitively create and develop their own personalized conversational AI for their services and products. To date, the Kata Platform’s latest iteration – the Kata Platform 3.0 – is capable of being utilized in many popular chat applications, including Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, LINE and WhatsApp.

Initially, the startup was founded in 2015 as YesBoss, a virtual assistant that is deployed through a smartphone app and SMS. By the next year of operations, however, the startup realized that they wanted to build a business that can bring greater change and create a more significant impact. Therefore, the company made the decision to shut down their YesBoss service and instead change their focus to the lucrative business-to-business segment by relaunching as’s proprietary conversational AI platform, the Kata Platform 3.0, is a multi-purpose smart tool that, besides allowing companies and businesses to easily develop and build their own customized conversational AI solutions, also provides them with analytics tools that can help them to gather and collect valuable data and insight about consumer behavior and other metrics. The platform offers several useful features: a CMS studio for companies to build their own custom-made CMS to go hand in hand with their conversational AI that allows for easier updates of content for non-developers; a NL (natural language) studio that offers companies the option of either developing their own NL models or using a pre-built one to further improve their conversational AI’s performance; a bot studio that allows developers of all levels, from beginners to experts, to leverage on the capabilities and functionalities of the platform to build their conversational AI using either an intuitive drag and drop user interface or YAML-based markup language, as well as to supplement it with JavaScript code for a more enhanced scripting experience; an analytics dashboard that closely monitors the performance of the conversational AI besides collecting actionable insights to serve as a basis for future enhancements; and the ability to integrate third-party API and CRM tools to the conversational AI.

All of the above features means that the startup’s Kata Platform can help businesses and corporations to develop their own high quality conversational AI solutions that are capable of handling small talk, quote management, FAQs, personalized offers and contact management. claims that some of the benefits for companies as a result of using their platform include improved customer relations, higher revenue, and the development of more focused campaigns, amongst others.

The conversational AI solutions startup has worked with a broad range of clients across several industries and sectors, including Telkomsel, Alfamart, Zurich Insurance, Astra Motor, and Unilever. also managed to win the Best AI & Machine Learning Startup award at the recent ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moving forward, the innovative startup will continue to work hard at developing and delivering impactful solutions and products.

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