Meet the Edutech Startups That Are Helping Students to Continue Their Education During the Covid-19 Outbreak In Indonesia

As Indonesia implements stringent measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak, its schools and institutions of higher learning have been ordered to close for at least two weeks by the government. As students are being kept at home during this time of uncertainty, many are seeking ways to continue their education even if they cannot attend schools. Fortunately, the country’s many edutech startups, which offer a comprehensive online learning experience that cover all of the core subjects from primary to the high school level, are more than up to the task. Whether it be through animated learning videos, live tutoring by Master Teachers, or online quizzes, these Indonesian startups are ensuring that the nation’s educational needs are well taken care of.

Starting on the 16th of March, Ruangguru has provided a free online schooling program for students free of charge that allows them to partake in live teaching sessions via remote learning every school day. Daily schedules are from 8am in the morning until 12pm afternoon, with more than 13 live channels from which to choose from for students, spanning the entire educational curriculum from the primary to high school levels. The subjects will be taught by Ruangguru’s Master Teachers, who comprise some of the country’s best educators and trainers. The renowned edutech startup is also helping aspiring teachers and educators to refine and enhance their teaching abilities by offering online training via its app, which is accessible to all for the following one month.

Also in partnership with Telkomsel, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, Ruangguru will offer thirty GB quota-free access to its suite of learning materials for students and educators who are Telkomsel’s users for a period of thirty days. Setyanto Hantoro, president director of Telkomsel, said that the digital telco company has the responsibility as a connectivity enabler to help the country’s people coordinate their efforts with the relevant authorities in ensuring that the nation progresses forward during this time of crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, particularly in the education sector.

Another Indonesian edutech startup doing its part to ensure that the country’s educational needs are met during these trying times is Zenius Education. It is also giving students free access to its vast repertoire of online learning and educational content as part of an initiative to provide students study material so that they are sufficiently ready for the country’s national exams (ujian nasional). According to Rohan Monga, chief executive officer of Zenius Education, the edutech startup utilizes a whiteboard format for a significant portion of its online educational videos, which provides students from the primary to high school levels a seamless and independent online learning experience to prepare for the national examinations.

Zenius Education was established in 2004 and has since then grown to become one of Indonesia’s top ten ranked startups. The edutech startup aims to foster a deep love of learning in all Indonesians, and emphasizes a critical and analytical approach to education rather than one based on rote learning. With this approach, It has made a significant impact on Indonesia’s education landscape.

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