Meet the Philippine Startup That’s Empowering Home Cooks And Kitchen Merchants

Good Meal Hunting, a Philippines-based food startup, is a one-stop food delivery service with a unique twist: it delivers sumptuous meals prepared and cooked by home cooks such as housewives instead of meals from restaurants and dining establishments, making the meals that they deliver genuinely home-cooked. According to the food tech startup, it empowers local home cooks and kitchen merchants by enabling them to focus on their core business of cooking delicious food while the startup handles the logistics and technical side of the business, such as food packaging, marketing, merchant training, advertising and customer service. Anyone with a passion and skill for cooking is welcome to join their food delivery service platform, and in fact most of their home cooks and kitchen merchants are young professionals and housewives.

Co-founded by Lance Uriel Pormarejo and chief executive officer and founder Warangkana “Gear” Limsakul-Fajardo with a mission to educate and assist local home cooks to become empowered kitchen merchants, the genesis of what would eventually become Good Meal Hunting started with an idea from Warangkana, a Thai national, when she was searching for great meals that would remind her of home but found that support was lacking for home cooks to effectively grow their home-based cooking business, which eventually led to her proposal to Lance of starting a food delivery service to help home cooks to overcome this obstacle. The startup initially delivered international comfort food, but as they gradually began to get a clearer picture of the food delivery market, they found out that there was a growing appetite among its health-conscious consumers for Halal food and vegan food. Currently, the startup is placing more emphasis on these important segments of the food market as it seeks to grow their business and platform.

In regards to food safety and quality, the food delivery startup made the assurance that it employs an in-house food technician that provides assistance to kitchen merchants in regards to their kitchen and food. Customers are also allowed to make special requests about the food that they order, and Good Meal Hunting requires all of their kitchen merchants to list down their foods’ ingredients on the platform. The company also stressed that all of their dishes are specially home-prepared and made to order by their carefully chosen team of home cooks who serve only genuine, authentic cuisine in order to ensure freshness and excellence.

Good Meal Hunting has been active in Southeast Asia’s startup landscape ever since it won the first runner up at Startup Weekend Manila in 2012. The food tech startup was especially active in the region’s startup landscape between 2012 and 2014, having participated in several startup events in order to gain a better understanding about the region’s startup ecosystem. It was among one of the participants for the first cohort of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC) Accelerator Program in 2015, and it represented the Philippines at the SeedStars Summit in 2016.

Aiming to empower home cooks and kitchen merchants in the Philippines by providing them a food delivery service platform that takes care of the business and logistics side of things so that they are able to focus solely on cooking, the food delivery service startup Good Meal Hunting is revolutionizing the food space by merging the borders of convenience, affordability and delicious food. By giving an opportunity to home-based kitchen merchants to widen their customer base and extend their reach, Good Meal Hunting is also helping to build and develop a community of young professionals and housewives to empower themselves through their cooking.

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