Meet the Singapore-based Startup That is Using AI to Power Its Robotic Process Automation Software

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fairly recent form of business process automation technology that is capable of imitating human performance by observing how the user carries out a task in the application or computer, and then automating that process by repeating it as many times as needed based on a set of demonstration actions performed by the user. This works well in environments that have well-defined parameters and rules to abide by. However, the situation is different if the flow of data is fluid and difficult to define, such as in real workplaces whereby data and information can come in all manner of sizes and forms from a myriad range of scenarios. Enter: Singapore-based emerging tech startup Glee Trees, which integrates RPA with artificial intelligence (AI) to create its proprietary cognitive automation software, Gleematic.

Going beyond structured data to handle automation, Gleematic incorporates elements of machine learning, intelligent information extraction and image recognition powered by AI to automate more complex and varied tasks. The startup claims that their proprietary software robots are fluid and trainable, capable of working with even legacy systems to perform tasks conducted by office workers, thus enabling the office employees to focus on more valuable work. Their cognitive automation solution software, Gleematic, has so far seen action in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, insurance, shipping and banking as well as in the government sector. By integrating AI functionality such as natural language processing, customized image recognition and customized document-extraction into its Gleematic software, the intelligent RPA software is now able to expand its scope beyond just computers and digital apps, capable of handling even paper-based documents along with their unstructured data.

In terms of natural language processing, Gleematic is currently capable of handling the English, Chinese and Indonesian languages, which is perfectly suitable for Glee Trees’ present markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Vietnam. Indeed, Christopher Lim, Glee Trees’ chief executive officer and founder, said that the startup’s distinctive emphasis is in the development of smart AI that is capable of handling Asian languages, thus carving out a niche for itself in the Asian market by offering localised cognitive automation solutions, particularly in the area of Southeast Asia as its natural language processing capabilities presently include English, Chinese and Indonesian – three languages that are widely spoken in the region.

Another strong feature of Gleematic is its ease of accessibility to all users irrespective of their level of technical knowledge. As an example, Glee Trees’ software does not necessitate any kind of coding or programming for scripting purposes, and its deployment can be done with a stand-alone version that does not require any complex set-ups. The cognitive recognition software can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, and even on some versions of older generation computers.

Glee Trees managed to secure an undisclosed sum of funding recently from 500 startups, the early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator established by Christine Tsai and Dave McClure. The tech startup intends to utilize the funds to further develop and increase the capabilities of its proprietary Gleematic software, as well as to expand further in Southeast Asia and raise its profile in China. With its Asia-focused cognitive automation software that’s powered by AI, the startup Glee Trees is poised to leverage on Southeast Asia’s digital innovation as the region’s companies and businesses look to automate repetitive processes to save costs as well as to integrate legacy systems with emerging technology to enhance performance and efficiency.

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