Meet the Singapore Startup That’s Pushing For a Sustainable World With Its Range of Bamboo and Resealable Spring Water Products

As the world’s global population grows day by day, thus putting more strain on Earth’s depleting resources, new sustainable and ecological-minded solutions have to be found in order to meet the challenges of feeding and maintaining a global population that is expected to grow to 8.5 billion by 2030 from the present day population of 7.3 billion. One particular area of concern is the prevalence of single-use plastics, which are cluttering and littering the planet’s oceans and landfills and that present a major threat to marine life everywhere. One such enterprise that is pushing for a more sustainable, plastic-free world is Singapore-based startup The Nurturing Co., which was established in 2018 by David Ward with the aim of producing 100% compostable products that are also free from harsh chemicals.

The Nurturing Co.’s core mission is to inspire personal change and attitude shifts towards a non-plastic consumption future by building and innovating high quality essential daily-use products that contribute to the sustainability and health of the planet, as well as that of the people that live on it. One key feature of their products is that they are free from harsh chemicals, which means that they are suitable for senior citizens and young children as well as people with allergies. All of their products, even the packaging that comes with it, are plastic-free. The startup also gives much consideration to where it sources its materials from, such as using biodiversity-friendly bamboo instead of wood pulp for their range of toilet tissue products. The company also values social responsibility highly as it actively engages with locals and producers to improve living standards and build thriving communities. As part of its mission to develop a sustainable and plastic-free world, the startup collaborates closely only with partners that share its values and beliefs, thus minimizing environmental impact.

The Nurturing Co. currently offers two kinds of products, namely its bamboo toilet tissue Bambooloo, and spring water CanO that comes packaged in a resealable, fully recyclable can. Bambooloo is made from virgin bamboo pulp that is organically grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or insecticides. What is more, their bamboo toilet tissue rolls are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial and are therefore safe to use on sensitive skin. Besides being fully compostable and biodegradable, all of their Bambooloo toilet tissue products come packed in 100% recycled packaging.

Their CanO brand of spring water is sourced direct from the Austrian Alps and contain a high 7.9 pH level and increased mineral content. The water comes filled in recyclable and resealable aluminum cans made from recycled material that stay colder for longer periods, thus keeping their water contents cool and fresh. Their brand of CanO water was created in response to the detrimental harm caused by the massive use of plastic bottles on the environment, serving as a feasible, recyclable answer to the environmentally damaging plastic bottles.

Thus far, The Nurturing Co. has managed to become a supplier to several major companies and businesses across various industries and sectors in Singapore, including Salad Stop, Cold Storage, Box Green, Unpackt and Redmart. According to the startup, it has so far shipped more than 100,000 rolls of its proprietary Bambooloo toilet tissue product, indicating that there is market demand for sustainable products.

The Nurturing Co. recently managed to raise seed funding from a small group of United States and Singapore-based investors. It will use the raised funding to accelerate its expansion in its home market of Singapore as well as internationally. The funds will also enable the startup to increase its marketing efforts and raise public awareness as it pushes for a plastic-free and sustainable planet for future generations to live in.

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