Singapore-based Drone Solutions Startup Avetics Global Acquires Lloyd’s Register Certification

Avetics Global, a Singapore-based startup that provides end-to-end customized drone services for industry players and businesses, announced recently that it had successfully procured certification for conducting inspections and surveys utilizing remote inspection techniques (RIT) from Lloyd’s Register, a maritime classification society that ensures the quality construction and operation of critical infrastructure through accreditation, validation and certification. The certification will enable Avetics Global to conduct remote inspection techniques on the interior and confined spaces of ships and maritime vessels through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones, complemented by the services of surveyors for manual inspection tasks such as thickness measurement for class surveys. According to Zhang Weiliang, chief executive officer and system engineer at Avetics Global, the drone solutions startup is the first such Singapore-headquartered business to get this certification from Lloyd’s Register by successfully completing its stringent qualification process.

For the past couple of years, Avetics Global had dedicated a considerable amount of resources and time towards perfecting their drone techniques for utilization within the restricted confines of a ship’s space, making sure that their techniques adhere to set standards and are capable of carrying out strict inspections such as corrosion detection, surveyance of structural anomalies and deformities and various other types of visual inspection along with accompanying surveyors. Ultimately, the goal of the drone solutions startup is to carry out RIT on ships and maritime vessels without the need for an attending human presence whatsoever. By concentrating on the latest innovations and developments in sensor and IoT tech along with the enhancements in drone technologies, the Singapore-based startup hopes to achieve human-less RITs within a few years’ time. Doing so will reduce costs considerably besides providing a much safer method of inspection for the narrow confines of ships, which may pose a serious challenge for humans as they may present unsafe and hazardous conditions.

RITs are rapidly gaining ground among classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register since they offer a slew of benefits. For one, autonomous drones and other robotic devices can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of inspection techniques. They can also be utilized in areas and situations that pose significant risks for human surveyors, thus offering a much safer and less error-prone alternative. When employed correctly, they are also able to ensure comprehensive risk assessment for inspection and surveyance. With the latest advancements in sensor and IoT technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles can be outfitted with the latest tech that makes them increasingly easier to operate even in the more difficult to navigate spaces. Additionally, drones and other autonomous robotic devices can be designed and built with sustainability in mind, thus leaving no negative impact on the environment and space that they are operating in.

Nevertheless, Zhang noted that their drones are still held back by present limitations, for even though they are quite capable of conducting visual inspections, they do not fare as well when it comes to manual inspections such as thickness measurement for class surveys. He added that the startup had gone over several technologies but none have matched their expectations so far. Still, Zhang said that the startup will keep an eye on any developments in the relevant technologies and employ their use when the situation and timing are right.

Avetics Global, the Singapore-based drone solutions startup, will seek to fully utilize its recently acquired Lloyd’s Register certification to expand its operations and conduct surveys by using its drones to carry out RITs on ships. As drone technologies become more sophisticated, empowered by the advancements in IoT and sensor tech, Avetics Global will be there every step of the way to ensure that it remains innovative and competitive for the years to come.

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