Singapore’s Blockchain-focused Tribe Accelerator Partners With IOV Labs to Bring Smart Contract Platform RSK Into the Country

Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first blockchain accelerator to receive government support and backing, recently formed a partnership with IOV Labs – formerly known as RIF Labs – an Argentina-based technology company that developed RSK, the world’s first bitcoin secured smart contract platform, and its complementary peer-to-peer solutions platform RSK Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS). The partnership between the accelerator and tech organization will enable Singapore’s companies and organizations, governmental agencies and tech startups to leverage the power of RSK’s RIF, its second layer protocol and third-layer services marketplace.

The RIF OS platform was conceptualized as a collection of decentralized, open infrastructure protocols that reduce the complexities of designing and utilizing a decentralized infrastructure for any blockchain-based developments. Its comprehensive, straightforward and highly secure features make it an attractive option for any Singaporean corporation, organization or startup that is looking for extensive solutions to help integrate blockchain into their own products or services. The RIF OS suite of protocols was designed and developed with the aim of accelerating market adoption of blockchain technologies by shortening deployment times and enabling interoperability between multiple systems and networks, which are advantages that would appeal to any corporation or organization that is seeking to push blockchain technology adoption in their markets or ecosystems.

By combining forces with Singapore’s blockchain accelerator Tribe Accelerator, IOV Labs sees this act as a key strategic partnership that will enable them to expand their reach further in the markets of Asia. The company’s head of adoption, Ruben Altman, said that IOV Labs is considering forming strong joint partnerships with leading local industry players and organizations in important ecosystems to broaden their global reach. They view Singapore as a significant key market, and the partnership with Tribe Accelerator will allow them to establish a foothold in the lucrative Southeast Asia region, from which they can then gradually expand across the whole of Asia.

Tribe Accelerator views the partnership with IOV Labs as a very important step towards mass blockchain technology adoption for corporations, organizations and advanced startups in Singapore. Hailed as an innovative pioneer in the blockchain space, IOV Lab’s suite of thorough, easy to use solutions will enable the blockchain accelerator to connect businesses to their industry partners who require the appropriate solutions, said Yi Ming Ng, managing partner at Tribe Accelerator.

IOV Labs’ mission can be summed up in three words; Internet of Value. Their goals are to develop affordable innovative, high performing technologies to better serve the global populace, and help foster a more inclusive financial system that promotes transparency and fairness around the world. Towards this end, the company is currently seeking to form more key strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations around the world to encourage more blockchain technology adoption.

Tribe Accelerator seeks to expand and grow the nascent blockchain ecosystem in Singapore by helping promising startups gain access to a well-connected network of global organizations and businesses through their platform, while spearheading collaborative efforts within the blockchain space. The accelerator’s partners include such global luminaries as Intel, BMW and ConsenSys.

The joint partnership between Tribe Accelerator and IOV Labs can prove to be very beneficial for the blockchain ecosystem as a whole in Southeast Asia. The introduction of the proven RIF OS suite of infrastructure protocols can hasten the application, implementation and adoption of blockchain technology throughout the region’s various industries, and propel Singapore forward as the pre-eminent blockchain hub in Asia.

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