Singapore’s Tribe Accelerator Joins Forces With Tezos Southeast Asia to Launch Official Tezos Blockchain Training Program

At the recently-held Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA) made the announcement that they had combined forces with Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator, to launch the first ever official Tezos blockchain training program in Southeast Asia to train and support blockchain developers creating applications and solutions on the Tezos open-source blockchain platform. The strategic partnership between the Singapore-based Tribe Accelerator and TSA, an independent and non-profit association, will be focused on widening the appeal and adoption of the Tezos blockchain protocol and ecosystem in the region of Southeast Asia. The announcement further added that the first training program will start running in early 2020.

The goal of the first ever official Tezos blockchain training program is to teach and arm local developers and blockchain learners with the prerequisite knowledge and skills for making blockchain-based applications and solutions on the Tezos blockchain platform, which will enable them to apply their learned blockchain development skills to solve challenges and overcome problems in real world settings. The training program will have a heavy emphasis on practical applications and technical proficiency, which will guide the developers and participants of the training program to create pragmatic and workable blockchain solutions that can address real world needs and issues.

The official training program will specifically involve only a small number of chosen trainers at first so that top-notch quality of the graduates produced is assured. Participants of the program will be required to develop and present workable blockchain solutions as a final capstone project submission. The graduated trainers will then pass on their learned skills and knowledge of Tezos blockchain development to even more trainees and developers, thus extending the reach of the Tezos blockchain platform and ecosystem.

TSA’s acting president, Caleb Kow, said that arming blockchain trainers with the necessary skills and expertise to properly understand and develop apps and solutions with Tezos blockchain will ultimately benefit the region’s wider blockchain developer community and ecosystem as a whole as these trainers share and pass on their skills and knowledge to their trainees and team members, which will greatly increase the value and influence of their future and ongoing blockchain endeavors.

Aimed at fostering collaboration and accelerating the growth of Southeast Asia’s blockchain ecosystem, Tribe Accelerator is Singapore’s first dedicated blockchain accelerator to win support and backing from the island city-state’s government. The accelerator recently partnered with IOV Labs, a blockchain tech organization that developed the Bitcoin-supported smart trading platform RSK, to introduce and make available RSK’s third-layer services marketplace, RIF, to Singapore’s blockchain technology ecosystem.

Tezos Southeast Asia is an independent, non-profit organization headquartered in Singapore that aims to promote the Tezos blockchain platform in the region for driving change and innovation for its political, economic and social spheres. Tezos is an open-source blockchain platform that employs its own native smart contract language, Michelson, to enhance security and verification procedures that are necessary for valuable assets and high worth use cases.

The partnership between TSA and Tribe Accelerator is only one of numerous initiatives being introduced in the city-state of Singapore that sees the country positioning itself as the main blockchain hub for the region of Southeast Asia. The introduction of the Tezos blockchain ecosystem into the country serves to further complement and enhance the island city-state’s technology-driven innovations and focus.

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