This Singapore-based Cybersecurity Startup Offers a People-centric Approach to Combat Malicious Cyber Attacks

The vast majority of cyberattacks that occur today are caused by human error. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated with each cyberattack, employing ingenious methods that can bypass conventional layers of security, meaning that error-prone humans often have to act as the final bastion of defense against these malicious actors. This has created an awareness among businesses and organizations that a well-trained and cybersecurity-educated workforce is essential to safeguard against cyber threats both external and internal. Enter: Right-Hand, a Singapore-based cybersecurity startup that provides solutions that can monitor, measure and mitigate cyber weaknesses and risks caused by human behaviour in real time. In their own words, the startup empowers organizations and business from being cyber aware to cyber ready.

Right-Hand’s approach to cybersecurity is to focus on the human element. This means that the startup places much importance on conditioning and influencing positive employee behavior through its portfolio of solutions to create meaningful and lasting impact across the business or organization’s structure. The suite of solutions that the startup offers are named Training Readiness, Phishing Readiness, Compliance Readiness and PhishArm. More than just conventional e-learning techniques and cyber awareness training, their product offerings provide highly customizable and engaging gamification and micro-learning modules that offer a direct hands-on approach to simulated training of specific scenarios. As their approach to cybersecurity is through influencing employee behavior and habits, Right-Hand’s training modules emphasize motivation to shape positive and long lasting behavior for building a solid cybersecurity culture at the workplace.

The startup’s Training Readiness module helps organizations to educate their workers on the essentials of cybersecurity by means of customizable and consolidated micro-learning modules that utilize a gamification approach for accelerating behavioral change through motivation and encouragement. Besides being customizable, the module is both desktop and mobile friendly for convenience and flexibility. Its Phishing Readiness module helps businesses to train and condition their employees to be more alert and aware of phishing attempts, thus making them less vulnerable to harmful phishing emails. The module achieves this through customizable phishing simulations that can gather insights on risky employee behavior and then provide advanced reporting to management for displaying behavioral improvement. The Compliance Readiness Module allows organizations to upload their policies onto the platform, which can then determine whether their employees are complying with those said policies based on assessments. PhishArm is a Microsoft Office 365 and G suite plug-in that empowers employees to act as an extension of the organization’s cybersecurity team by reporting malicious attacks that bypass conventional cybersecurity measures.

Recently, the cybersecurity startup Right-Hand successfully secured US$1 million for its seed round of funding, which was led by Atlas Ventures, a VC firm based in Singapore. Other participants of the seed financing round include Entrepreneur First, a talent investor that supports the building and growth of tech companies, and SGInnovate, an organization wholly owned by Singapore’s government that aims to help develop deep tech startups. The recently acquired funds will enable it to further boost its product roadmap development as it seeks to empower more businesses and organizations with a cyber ready security culture.

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