Vietnam-based FPT to Enhance and Bolster European Courier Colossus FTP with Digital Solutions

Vietnam-based FPT to deploy digital technology platform across 12 countries in Europe in collaboration with the second largest parcel delivery network on the continent, DPD Group.

FPT, an IT firm giant based in Vietnam with a presence in more than 45 countries and nearly USD1 billion in revenue for 2018, has entered into a strategic agreement with DPD Group, Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network. FPT’s area of expertise is in the delivery of digital technologies and solutions, ranging from cloud, security and managed services, alongside artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise mobility.

DPD Group, an international subsidiary of the French Group La Poste, is a Fortune Global 500 company with 7 billion in sales for 2018. For DPD Group, the strategic collaboration with FPT will enable it to maintain its position in the forefront of the parcel delivery service in Europe and beyond in an increasingly seamless, digitized world.

The process of upgrading and transforming DPD Group’s IT system will be based on FTP’s Digital Kaizen Methodology – ‘Think Big, Start Smart and Small, Scale Fast’, which enables DPD Group’s system to be altered in a most timely, agile and cost-effective manner. FTP will be mapping out and deploying its very own IT4EM2 digital technology platform after examining DPD Group’s current IT system, with the goal of enhancing and improving business performance and customer satisfaction. In addition, FTP will be working with DPD Group in acquiring its own big data capabilities through implementation of data architecture that is needed to succeed in a data-driven business world.

This is not the first time that both giants have worked together. Prior in 2018 FTP had worked with DPD Group on a number of small and medium-sized projects. FTP is currently involved in the diverse stages of the customer life cycle from data collection, user experience ideation, logistics consulting, micro-services architecture, project development, implementation and production support.

On the agreement with DPD Group, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh had this to say, “This contract testifies the trust that DPDgroup puts in FPT’s expertise in logistics, technology capabilities, implementation capabilities, and our digital transformation methodology. It would also pave the way for us to become a Top 50 digital transformation services provider in the next ten years”.

Paul-Marie Chavanne, Chairman of GeoPost, which is the holding company of DPD Group, added, “The world will be reinvented and will be explored. It demands us to be more creative and innovative. We can not do it all alone. We need a partner, and I hope that FPT is the privileged partner that will help us jump high in this new world”.

Right after the agreement signing ceremony, high-level delegates from La Poste, DPD Group and its subsidiaries attended a FTP workshop in digital transformation for logistics and digital banking. Here they gleaned important and valuable insights into the reach and capabilities of FTP’s technology through success stories in the aforementioned areas.

The digital transformation agreement between the two behemoths is a clear signal of FPT’s global ambitions to become a world-leading provider of digital transformation services and solutions, and a sound testament to its capabilities and abilities to operate at the highest level of the IT value chain. It can be said that this partnership is a springboard into the European market, which is primed to catch up to the world’s leading digital transformation trends. Europe’s spending for digital transformation is predicted to reach $370 billion in 2022, making it the third largest geography for digital transformation spending.

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