Fulfillment remains in high demand, as GreyOrange secures $135 million in funding

In recent years, the field of robotics has been keenly focused on warehouse and fulfillment solutions, which surged in demand during the pandemic as online shopping became essential. Amazon has been a pioneer for over a decade with its in-house systems, and companies such as Locus, 6 River Systems, and Fetch (now part of Zebra) have formed significant retail partnerships. The question of “what’s next” does not suggest the end of fulfillment’s prominence; rather, it remains a rapidly growing sector despite some investment slowdowns due to economic conditions.

Located near Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia, GreyOrange was established in 2011, just as Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva significantly impacted the industry. Over the past decade, it has secured numerous notable clients, including Walmart Canada, Nike, and H&M. GreyOrange has also been successful in raising funds, with a $140 million Series C in 2018 and a recent $135 million Series D led by Anthelion Capital, along with continued support from Mithril, 3State Ventures, and Blume Ventures.

The company has been developing a comprehensive solution for warehouse, fulfillment, and third-party logistics, which includes autonomous mobile robots similar to Kiva’s, forklifts, and bin systems for picking, alongside its proprietary fleet management software that is hardware-agnostic. CEO Akash Gupta has indicated that the funding from the latest round will be used, among other things, to deliver systems to their customers.