Google can’t repair Pixel Watches; consider purchasing a replacement

Google places significant emphasis on its collaboration with iFixit and the accessibility of replacement components for its range of products. However, one particular Google product, the Pixel Watch, appears to lack repairability. Several Pixel Watch users have reported issues, such as cracked glass, with no clear solutions. The Verge investigated this matter and received confirmation from Google that, even after 11 months since its launch, there is currently no repair program in place for the Pixel Watch. In essence, Google cannot repair your watch as there are no available replacement parts.

According to a Google spokesperson who spoke to The Verge, “Currently, we do not offer any repair options for the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch sustains damage, we recommend contacting the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to explore replacement possibilities.”

Damage such as a cracked display is not covered by any warranty, leaving the purchase of a new device as the sole official recourse. Furthermore, without a supply of parts to support unofficial repair efforts, the only viable means of fixing a Pixel Watch would entail dismantling another one. While this repair approach can be feasible for highly popular devices with numerous salvaged components available, Pixel Watches are relatively uncommon, making it challenging to locate spare parts. This is regrettable, especially since iFixit’s repair analysis revealed that the device was relatively easy to disassemble, and screen replacement would not be a complex task if replacement screens were obtainable.

The Pixel Watch is in dire need of repair options, primarily because a significant portion of the watch’s upper half consists of a large glass surface, rendering it vulnerable to damage upon impact. This situation may appear contrary to Google’s prominent commitment to repairability, as announced in 2022. However, it’s important to note that the repair program specifically targets Pixel phones and does not encompass other Google product offerings. With the impending release of the Pixel Watch 2, it remains to be seen whether Google will introduce repair initiatives for this new iteration.