Move AI, a 3D motion capture application, secures $10 million in seed funding.

AbsoluteMarket has previously covered Move AI, a UK-based company founded four years ago, known for its smartphone app capable of generating 3D motion capture models from standard 2D video footage.

Now, this innovative company, poised to disrupt the long-standing and costly traditional method of 3D motion capture used in sports, film, TV, video games, and music videos, has secured additional funding to further enhance its technology.

Today, Move AI proudly announces it has raised $10 million in a seed funding round from notable investors, including Play Ventures, Warner Music Group, RKKVC, Level2 Ventures, and Animoca Brands.

The involvement of Warner Music Group demonstrates significant interest from established entertainment brands and a clear desire to leverage Move AI’s markerless motion capture technology for creating music videos and innovative music performance experiences, such as holograms.

Tino Millar, the co-founder and CEO of Move AI, expressed their mission in a press release, stating, “Our goal at Move AI is to democratize 3D animation. We are excited to use this funding round to double down on our efforts to reduce the cost of 3D animation and make it more accessible to creators.”

Move AI offers an iOS app that requires users to position a minimum of two smartphone cameras (up to six) around the subject, along with an experimental mode that supports Android devices and other digital cameras.

Notably, Move AI recently updated its onboarding process for customers. Instead of a self-service option, new customers must now be onboarded by a Move team member before accessing the multi-camera web app and iOS app. The company has also introduced custom pricing plans through a new Move Pro subscription model.

Previously, Move AI announced its intention to release a single-camera app in September 2023, and alongside the funding news, it provided an update on this development. The new app, “Move One,” is currently accepting applications for an invitation-only beta testing phase. Customers of the previous multi-camera app can request access to Move One’s beta version. Move AI has indicated that the public launch of Move One will occur later in the year.

Implications for the entertainment industry are substantial. Move AI’s rise comes at a crucial time, coinciding with the conclusion of the 2023 writers’ strike, ongoing Hollywood actors’ strike, and the recent strike authorization for video game performers. This technology convergence has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

While 3D scanning and AI were previously separate entities in Hollywood, Move AI, with its proprietary AI models, is at the forefront of bridging the gap, enabling the conversion of 2D video into 3D motion. Most other 2D-to-3D scanning solutions are typically limited to static scenes, whereas Move AI has developed a deep understanding of human motion, physics, and statistics to build its underlying algorithms.

The advent of Move AI promises to significantly reduce the cost of creating effects-driven films, video games, music videos, sports analysis, and other artistic and entertainment forms, making them more accessible to amateurs and emerging creators. CEO Millar envisions making these technologies 100 to 1,000 times more cost-effective than traditional motion capture suits while maintaining high quality.

However, there are concerns about the potential misuse of this technology, such as using it to undercut talent by 3D scanning their work for a limited time and reusing it indefinitely, a practice opposed by actors’ unions. Additionally, there are concerns about unauthorized captures of individuals.

Nevertheless, with increased funding, Move AI is poised to make 3D motion capture technology more accessible, potentially reaching a broader audience than ever before.