Intel introduces processors for mobile devices, desktop computers, and edge computing

Intel has officially introduced its new range of processors for various computing devices, marking what they call the “age of the AI PC.” This announcement was made at CES 2024. The centerpiece of Intel’s unveiling is the Intel Core 14th Gen processor family, which is complemented by the Intel Core Ultra-powered systems. This demonstrates Intel’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs of users and advancing computing standards. Over 60 partners are expected to launch products featuring these processors.

Roger Chandler, Intel’s vice president of enthusiast PC and workstations in the Client Computing Group, emphasized the capabilities of the Intel Core 14th Gen processor family. He stated, “Our Intel Core 14th Gen processor family is designed to provide top-notch performance and platform features to both enthusiast and mainstream PC users. Whether it’s on-the-go mobility or powerful desktop computing, Intel is revolutionizing the computing experience.”

For mobile enthusiasts, Intel’s flagship is the Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series processors, designed to cater to gamers, creators, and professionals who demand high-performance in their mobile devices. The Intel Core i9-14900HX, the leading processor in this series, boasts eight Performance-cores (P-cores) and 16 Efficient-cores (E-cores), ensuring exceptional single and multi-thread performance. Additionally, the i7-14700HX processors offer a 50% increase in E-cores, which enhances their capabilities for creators.

Key features of the HX-series processors include a turbo frequency of up to 5.8 GHz, support for 192GB of DDR5-5600 MT/S memory, overclocking capabilities, Thunderbolt 5, integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.4 and 5.3 connectivity. These processors are expected to power more than 60 partner systems in 2024, catering to the needs of mobile enthusiasts in gaming, content creation, and professional work.

Intel has also expanded its desktop processor lineup with 18 new processors, designed to meet the diverse demands of mainstream users and businesses across various industries. With turbo frequencies reaching up to 5.8 GHz, support for up to 192 GB of DDR5-5600/DDR4-3200 MT/S memory, and continued support for thermal solutions, PCIe Gen 5.0, Gen 4.0, and Thunderbolt 4, these processors offer enhanced performance for everyday use.

Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors operate at 65-watt and 35-watt power levels, suitable for mainstream desktop, all-in-one, and edge devices. They support various applications, including gaming and productivity, while ensuring seamless connectivity with USB 3.2, Thunderbolt 4, and Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+).

For thin-and-light systems, Intel introduces the Intel Core U Processor Series 1, which emphasizes both performance and efficiency. These processors offer turbo frequencies up to 5.4 GHz, support for up to 96 GB of DDR5-5200/DDR4-3200 MT/S memory, Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, Bluetooth 5.4, and support for Wi-Fi 7 (5 Gig) and Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+). These processors will power mobile systems expected to hit the market in Q1 2024, providing users with an efficient and powerful computing experience on the go.

In summary, Intel’s latest processor lineup represents a significant advancement in computing technology, delivering improved performance, connectivity, and efficiency across mobile, desktop, and edge devices, catering to a wide range of user needs and applications in the AI-driven PC era.