Via Scientific, a multiomic informatics startup, has raised $5 million in seed funding.

Via Scientific, a pioneering informatics startup, announced on Tuesday a significant milestone in its journey, having successfully raised a substantial amount of $5 million in seed funding. This impressive financial injection marks a pivotal moment for the company, bolstering its position in the competitive field of bioinformatics.

The funding round was expertly spearheaded by G20 Ventures and Innospark Ventures, a testament to their confidence in Via Scientific’s potential and vision. The round also saw notable contributions from a cohort of esteemed individual investors. These include Melissa Moore, a distinguished founding scientist, board member, and the former Chief Scientific Officer of Moderna, a trailblazer in the biotechnology industry. Rob Hickey, a seasoned executive and former Executive Vice President at DataRobot, an AI technology powerhouse, also played a pivotal role. Furthermore, Via Scientific’s own Founder, Janet Kosloff, who previously demonstrated her leadership and vision as the CEO of InCrowd, contributed to this round, reaffirming her commitment to the company’s future.

At the core of Via Scientific’s innovation is a multiomics platform, a groundbreaking development initially conceived at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. This platform stands at the intersection of biology and artificial intelligence, leveraging AI’s power to meticulously analyze extensive biological data sets. Its primary objective is to unearth novel associations between various biological entities. This powerful tool is capable of identifying relevant biomarkers and pathways, as well as uncovering critical markers of disease and physiological conditions, which are invaluable in advancing medical research and healthcare.

The freshly acquired seed funding is earmarked for several strategic initiatives critical to Via Scientific’s growth and market penetration. A significant portion will be allocated to bolstering the company’s commercialization efforts, ensuring that its innovative solutions reach the market efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the funds will facilitate the expansion of Via Scientific’s library of bioinformatic processes, pipelines, and AI models, further solidifying its position as a leader in the field. Lastly, the investment will support the expansion of both the technology and scientific teams at Via Scientific. This expansion is crucial as the company, based in Boston, seeks to build on its existing capabilities and forge new frontiers in bioinformatics.