Virtuleap, a healthtech and edtech startup, has recently raised $2.5 million for its product Enhance VR, which integrates virtual reality and AI to advance brain health. This funding round was led by GED Ventures Portugal. Virtuleap’s innovative product comprises a suite of virtual reality games designed to assess and improve…Continue Reading

Chalk, the machine learning data platform, has just announced a successful seed funding round, securing $10 million in investment. The funding round was led by prominent investors, including General Catalyst, Unusual Ventures, and Xfund. Chalk’s platform is designed to empower world-class teams in orchestrating real-time data for decision-making, and this…Continue Reading

OpenAI, the pioneering AI startup responsible for ChatGPT, has unveiled its newly appointed board of directors following a tumultuous two-week period. During this time, co-founder Sam Altman was abruptly fired and then reinstated as CEO, sending shockwaves through the AI industry and prompting a near-mass departure of employees. Additionally, OpenAI…Continue Reading

Amazon has unveiled a range of cutting-edge artificial intelligence services during its re:Invent conference, including the introduction of Titan Image Generator, an image creation model. In doing so, Amazon joins tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft in the realm of AI systems capable of generating original images and artwork…Continue Reading

Nvidia made headlines today by announcing record-breaking revenue for its third fiscal quarter of 2024, which concluded on October 31, 2023. The company exceeded Wall Street’s expectations with remarkable financial results. Nvidia, a prominent player in graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI chips, reported an astonishing Q3 revenue of $18.2…Continue Reading

As OpenAI, the prominent artificial intelligence (AI) startup, grapples with an uncertain future following the unexpected removal of CEO Sam Altman, rival company Anthropic is seizing this opportunity to unveil its updated large language model (LLM), Claude 2.1. This launch allows Anthropic to position itself as a stable alternative and…Continue Reading

While Bitcoin is often regarded as the forefather of cryptocurrencies, it’s not typically celebrated for its innovative spirit or groundbreaking endeavors. While some prefer to maintain this status quo, there are those who wish to see change. Enter Taproot Wizards, a Bitcoin-centric project within the Ordinals space, which drew inspiration…Continue Reading