Databricks has announced its acquisition of Arcion, an enterprise data company, in a deal valued at approximately $100 million, including performance-based incentives. CEO Ali Ghodsi shared this information with CNBC prior to the official announcement scheduled for Monday. Databricks primarily offers a data analytics tool driven by deep learning, an…Continue Reading

Highlight, a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to enhancing web application observability for enterprises, has proudly unveiled its flagship product to the public. This innovative offering is an open-source monitoring platform that consolidates a comprehensive view of an application’s entire stack and the associated issues into a single, easily accessible location….Continue Reading

In 2022, our previous coverage of Anonybit introduced the New York and Tel Aviv-based biometric security startup. At that time, they had recently emerged from stealth mode with a funding round of $3.5 million, promising to provide advanced security for enterprises’ employee biometric data. Their approach involved breaking this data…Continue Reading

Foxconn, the largest electronics manufacturer globally, has declared a strategic alliance with Nvidia to expedite the advancement of electric vehicles (EVs) and the associated artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This partnership, unveiled during the Hon Hai Tech Day event in Taiwan, represents a pivotal step toward realizing Foxconn’s vision for the…Continue Reading

Stoke Space made an announcement on Thursday that it successfully secured $100 million in funding, marking a significant step forward in the Kent, Washington-based company’s pursuit of developing a new generation of fully reusable rockets with the goal of reaching orbit by 2025. CEO Andy Lapsa expressed his enthusiasm in…Continue Reading

In a collaborative effort between the Life Science Washington Institute and the Washington State Department of Commerce, a grant program provided $25,000 grants to 20 early-stage life sciences startups in Washington. This initiative, funded by money reinvested from the state’s Life Sciences Discovery Fund, aims to nurture the next generation…Continue Reading

Explorium, a Tel Aviv-based startup, has unveiled its achievement of raising a total of $19 million in funding through various rounds. Notably, Emerge and F2 Capital contributed $3.6 million in a seed round, while Zeev Ventures led a $15.5 million series A round. This significant capital infusion comes on the…Continue Reading